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Mould Testing

A site visit will generally assist in determining the best suited testing option. Visible mould growth can be tape, swab or material sample tested and this will determine the mould species, toxicity and growth rate.

If safety certification is required for ongoing use in commercial or public buildings, air spore testing would be the preferred option to monitor air quality and occupational safety. Monthly air monitoring programmes can be scheduled to ensure ongoing safety levels whilst remediation works are being undertaken. This is a prudent and cost effective alternative to relocation of staff, especially in commercial situations where temporary relocation may be a disruptive, costly and inconvenient option.

Another testing option is the Self-Test Kit which can be provided for isolated visible surface mould. This is the most affordable option which will identify the mould species and the current growth rate.  This method is very popular for residential tenants who may require certification for their landlord.

To ensure the best service we use an international accredited laboratory which boasts the fastest turnaround time and most comprehensive report. Speed is valuable when you have a toxic species in your property and occupant health is at stake.

Internationally Accredited Laboratory A2LA R215