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We are not commercial cleaner’s, we decontaminate and make areas safe for occupation……there is a difference!

Different situations require different solutions. We can provide:

  • ‘Phase 1 (non-invasive)’ temporary decontamination procedure which will kill the existing surface and
    airborne mould spores immediately. Depending on the situation, this will generally provide a window of
    safety to enable continued use of the premises whilst the remediation works are planned and
  • ‘Phase 2 (invasive) decontamination is regularly required for abundant toxic or highly allergenic mould
    species as toxic species can thrive within wall & roof cavities. This option involves professional removal
    of contaminated materials, chemical decontamination and preparation of a safe site for remediation.

A wide range of decontamination options are available to cover inaccessible space, wall & roof cavities, HVAC
systems and areas with delicate contents such as Libraries and education facilities. (IICRC Accredited: 59163267)