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Meet the Team

Tim Dorrington

GENERAL MANAGER Tim has a wealth of experience, knowledge and technical expertise with the backing of over 30 years of residential and commercial construction management.

Tim Dorrington was one of the main driving forces in creating BBS/Vent in 2010. The company specialised in passive ventilation. Using his vast experience in the building industry, Tim focused on Research and Development of building products, primarily in the areas of thermal performance and condensation in buildings. Due to the Research & Development works on ‘Moisture in Buildings’, an associated study of New Zealand mould species naturally ran alongside the project over a period of years. This was done in order to understand the cause of moulds and the consequences of poor construction methods and lack of ventilation. Consequently, mould testing, laboratory reports and property assessment reports have become an integral part of our service. Tim’s expertise and contributions have been integral to improvements in best building practices made while working alongside the NZ Metal Roofing Manufacturers Association and BRANZ. This has also led to the development of a full range of ventilation products which are now being incorporated into buildings across New Zealand with the objective of reducing/eliminating condensation and associated mould.