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Mould Inspections NZ have been designated an essential service and are still open for business.  We are taking the highest safety measures possible and have implemented strict new procedures to ensure everyones safety.  If you have questions regarding these please let us know.

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Health & Safety

Toxic Black Mould is commonly overlooked in New Zealand despite being registered in the USA as a ‘CLASS 2’ Bio-Hazard alongside Asbestos.

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Inspections & Reports

The first thing you need to know when you discover a mould infestation is whether or not the area is safe for use or habitation. The Assessment Report is the recommended starting point for providing the answers you require. It will enable a plan of action, continued safety advice and a solution.

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Mould Testing

There is a range of testing methods and the most applicable option can be determined and undertaken by the assessor during the initial site visit.

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The first priority is to make the area safe. This can generally be determined and achieved temporarily during the initial site visit if the mould species appears to be toxic or highly allergenic.

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Safety Certification

The objective of each project is to make the area safe for use as soon as possible. Beyond decontamination and remediation, a building should be certified as safe for occupation for peace of mind.

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Mould Inspections


The objective of a commercial toxic mould issue is to provide a safe working environment as quickly as possible and to avoid potential closure or relocation. There is a procedure involving testing, identification of species, decontamination and remediation works to ensure the issue is eliminated. This can be a time-consuming process so we endeavour to guide you through the complete process in the shortest period of time.
Mould Inspections


Mould in the home can be caused by wall & roof cladding leaks, dripping pipes and condensation from lack of ventilation. New Zealand has a high annual rainfall making mould a very common issue in our homes and research shows that at least 50% of our properties contain mould. Minimal building standards are also partially responsible where even new homes are still being built today with mould issues, predominantly due to lack of roof ventilation.

About Us

Our company is structured to provide a complete service with an objective of reducing financial cost and sometimes more importantly, time consumption involved in the complete mould removal process. A thorough understanding of both mould and residential/commercial construction is a requirement to enable the following services.
“A Great Service”
“We have used MINZ several times now on behalf of our clients over the last few months and each time they have offered their great knowledge along with their high level of professional, fast, and thorough services. It didn’t matter how minor or severe the damage was Tim Dorrington was able to offer us good guidance and solutions”

B. Bradshaw

“Recommend To Anyone”
“Your service and customer service gets a 10/10 from me. I had put an ad up on Facebook regarding the rental that my daughter, partner, and 3 little grandchildren were living in explaining the state of the rental and about the black mouldy condition of the house. Thank you Tim for answering the ad and all the work that you had done for us I would recommend this guy to everyone fantastic man to deal with.”

D. Hart

“We used MINZ for an assessment Report, testing and decontamination for an outbreak of toxic mould. The entire process was undertaken diligently, professionally and with the health of our staff and occupants as the priority. We would certainly recommend their services.”

S. Woods